Welcome To Ship Shape Day 2019          


Ship Shape Day started in 1967 when the Town’s recently formed Beautification Commission decided to clean-up Scituate after a long hard winter.  The Commission has been organizing this event ever since and each spring hundreds of volunteers come out on Ship Shape Day to help pick-up the litter that has accumulated all winter long.

This year is the 51st year for Ship Shape Day.  Every year whole neighborhoods participate,.... families make a morning of it with the kids,.... high schoolers do it to earn Community Service Points,... sport teams show-up to do some team building,... and other interest groups participate to help make Ship Shape Day a big Spring event!

It couldn’t be easier.  Just stop by Town Hall on Saturday morning, April 28th, to pick up your supplies and select your route.  It might be your neighborhood street,... or your kid’s favorite playground,... a sport field,.. storm debris from your beach,... or a park.  It doesn’t matter.  Just give a couple of hours to help make Scituate look it’s best!

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When is it?      

Ship Shape Day starts on Saturday morning, April 28th.   You may get supplies at Town Hall between 8am and 1pm.

What if I can’t do it on Saturday morning?

Not a problem.  Send someone to get your supplies   on Saturday and do the clean-up on Sunday.

What do I do with the litter I collect?

Leave it in our special bags on the roadside.  The DPW will collect it next week.

Ship Shape Day is on Saturday, April 27th!